Now that the glitz and glam of notching a spot in the Superb

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Now that the glitz and glam of notching a spot in the Superb

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owl has passed Youth Brandin Cooks Jersey , I’ve finally had a chance to revisit the New England Patriots’ and Kansas City Chiefs’ matchup in the AFC Championship game.Last week, we took a look at the Los Angeles Rams versus New Orleans Saints matchup in the NFC Championship. We discussed what the Rams’ plan was entering the game, the adjustments in-game, and the dominance of certain players.Now, we’re going to take a look at what the numbers tell us about the Patriots, and what the film showed me after reviewing it.Let’s get into it:Patriots - ChiefsAfter reviewing the film, I’ve come away with some interesting tidbits on the Patriots’ gameplan to try and stifle the potent Chiefs’ offense. Defensively, they used their top cornerback in Stephon Gilmore in a shadow role, though he didn’t follow who you’d probably expect, he actually followed the Chiefs’ #2 WR in Sammy Watkins. The Patriots used a backup CB in Jonathan Jones on WR Tyreek Hill, often sending safety help by shading Devin McCourty to the hash on the side of Hill or even doubling the prolific wide receiver. Maybe the most interesting part of their entire defensive philosophy was the idea that the Patriots actually used their #2 CB in J.C. Jackson to cover TE Travis Kelce.This is prototypical of the Patriots, because they trust Gilmore the most of their cornerback group allowing him to “man-up” against a good WR and totally erase his presence. They then allowed a lesser corner and a safety to neutralize a dynamic receiver such as Hill. Lastly, using a cornerback on a great receiving tight end is something the Rams have actually also utilized as they allowed guys like Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib to cover TE’s like Jared Cook and Zach Ertz.What does this mean for the Rams?My assumption is they’ll deploy a similar strategy, matching up Jones and shading safety help his way against WR Brandin Cooks. They’ll once again allow Gilmore to follow a receiver all game, and my guess is that’ll be WR Robert Woods. Lastly, TE Gerald Everett has yet to prove he’s a dynamic threat like Travis Kelce Womens Cory Littleton Jersey , though with his skill set and body type, I’d once again expect a cornerback to draw the assignment of covering the tight end known as the “YAC King”.The idea of gaining schematic advantages is great, but at the end of the day, the game will always come down to beating the man across from you. The Rams’ stable of weapons will need to prove they’re up the task once again (as they have been all season) and continue to beat man coverage across the board, rendering the matchups the Patriots play irrelevant.The Patriots’ running game has been incredibly effective the past few weeks, and a lot of it has to do with power running concepts. They like to deploy a lot of under-center traditional running formations such as I-Form (fullback and a running back). A lot of the runs that the offense succeeded with in the AFC Championship game were power concepts, such as powers, counters, and trap type runs. The key giveaway here is a ton of pulling lineman and the use of a fullback, meaning the Rams’ duo at ILB (Cory Littleton and Mark Barron) will need to trust their eyes and key in on motions as best as possible. The Patriots’ offense features a lot of motions, jet sweeps, fake sweeps, and the passing game is a timing one. Tom Brady routinely checked into runs on 3rd-and-shorts in shotgun formations, with RB James White routinely picking up the necessary yardage to extend drives.Numbers(All numbers taken from TeamRankings)Looking at the numbers, the Patriots are fourth in points per game (28.6), they’re 12th in converting redzone opportunities into touchdowns (62.32%) Womens Johnny Hekker Jersey , fourth in yards per game (406.5), and ninth in yards per play (5.9). They’re fifth in third down conversions per game (5.7), second in average time of possession (31:56), and ninth in third down conversion percentage (43.59%).They’re clearly an effective and efficient offense. The Patriots have a strong rushing attack spearheaded by rookie RB Sony Michel, with the rest of the offense working off of it utilizing play action. Majority of the effectiveness from the Patriots comes with staying ahead of the chains, and allowing playmakers such as Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and James White to convert third down opportunities.The Patriots defense ranks 10th in points per game (21.3), 17th in yards per game (353.9), 20th in yards per play (5.7), 24th in red zone touchdown scoring percentage (63.46%), 14th in third down conversions per game (4.7), 29th in sacks (2.0), and eighth in takeaways per game (1.7).Defensively, the Patriots are average. The main number that matters is the points-per-game statistic which they’re good at, though the remaining numbers do show weaknesses and an ability to be scored on. Ironically , a lot of these numbers are eerily similar to what the New Orleans Saints’ were, and the Rams did have offensive success against them.TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay August 22 press conference Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay(On T Rob Havenstein)”Yeah, we just gave him a day of rest. Yeah, he’s okay.”(On today’s practice)”It was okay. We got in and out, a little bit of work going a couple days in a row. We took a little bit off of them, but it was okay today.”(On if he’s eager to see starters out there on Saturday)”Yeah, it’ll be good. We’ve got a couple more days of preparation. So, we’ll see how these guys do and we’ll get in here tomorrow and get some good work and then we’ll see how Saturday goes.”(On if he’s noticed any anxiousness among the team because of the starters getting preseason playing time)”No, I think it’s kind of the same approach as camp. We’re kind of treating it just like a normal camp week. Got a couple things with focusing on Houston that we might get tomorrow, but guys are doing a good job just working one day at a time and then we’ll see how Saturday goes.”(On any major concerns about the starters being out there for the first time this preseason)”I wouldn’t say so. I think that’s what the preseason is for. It’s a good opportunity to get guys going through their normal rhythm and routine and get a couple snaps and hopefully get some good continuity on both sides of the ball, get our special teams unit playing well. Then, once we feel like they’ve gotten the work they need we’ll get those guys out and get a chance to evaluate the down-the-line guys.”(On if he got a chance to watch DT Dominique Easley at linebacker during practice)”Yeah, he’s done a good job. He’s playing limited reps right now as we’re kind of easing him back into the routine, but he’s doing a nice job. It’s good to have (DT) Dominique (Easley) back out there.”(On any final decisions on which players will or will not play on Saturday)”Not yet. Yeah, we’re going to figure that out at game time.”(On his sense of the dynamic between CBs Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters after training camp) ”I would say it’s kind of the same sense that we got before we even got a chance to work with them from just a production standpoint. Really good football players. Really impressive people, too. Watching the way that they handle themselves in the meetings Womens Dominique Easley Jersey , on the field. The way that they’re receptive to coaching and some different things. Then, (CB) Aqib (Talib) has an ownership on this defense because the system is very similar. There’s been a couple tweaks that (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) has made since he’s been in Denver, but it’s been really good being around these guys and they certainly raise the level of play for sure.”(On if they make it difficult for him during practice when they’re playing against the starters on defense)”It’s good. Yeah, it’s exactly what you want. You want to get good, competitive work where guys are making each other better by giving them challenging looks on both sides of the ball and I think that’s what our players are doing right now. So, that’s good.”(On his goals for this week’s game in terms of individuals and the collective team)”Yeah, I think you just want to see the units play crisp, play sound, fundamental football. Looking to see these guys just execute at a high level – know what their assignment is, play fast, play confident and really play together. But, you want to see good fundamentally-sound football. Just good execution on both sides and really, that third phase as well with special teams. That’s what we’re looking for.”(On if there’s something he wants to see from LB Cory Littleton making the calls in the game for the first time)”I think just that – the command that you ask from your MIKE linebacker. Good communication, ability to handle any necessary checks or adjustments that the Texans offense might present. He’s done a really nice job of that throughout camp and looking forward to seeing him do it against another team.”
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